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At Sumitomo, we believe in providing products which are not only competitively priced, but also designed in a manner to save throughout the production process.

Play the video below to see how SumiTag can improve your lean manufacturing efforts.

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What makes SumiTag different than SumiMark®?

How SumiTag Improves Lean Management Practices

SumiTag products are more than just high quality heat shrink technology. They are critically designed to improve production efficiencies, thus saving customers thousands of dollars.
We understand the customer challenges of lean manufacturing methods include not only quick installation time but also data integration, revision control, quality assurance and inventory storage - just to name a few.

Here is how SumiTag addresses each of these areas:

Installation Time:

SumiTag products are designed in a “ladder” style, paper liner format which allow for an organized kitting process. As such, specific markers can be removed in random order without disturbing other markers. They can also be placed back onto the carrier in the event a marker was accidentally removed.
Continuous heat shrink tubing does not allow for an organized, kitting process.

Data Integration:

Our proprietary SumiLabel software was developed with the primary goal of allowing customers to extract data from an external source to populate an entire set within seconds.
With SumiLabel, you can import data from Excel, .txt, SQL, CSQ, MS Access and various other sources, thus negating the need for manual data entry.
This process saves money in terms of lowering human labor costs while eliminating errors.

Revision Control:

SumiLabel has numerous permission controls which allow you to determine which users have access to all critical features. Individual logins allow supervisors the ability to identify changes to files, thus providing added quality checks.

Quality Assurance:

The unique liner design of SumiTag products allow you to place identifiers above each marker. For example, sets and jobs can be created and printed to allow specific sections or markers to be delivered to specific areas, or labeled by date, job code, operator, etc. Because the “Print on Liner” feature enables marker data to be replicated on the paper liner, once a marker is removed it can still be identified by the text on the liner.

Inventory Storage:

Our SumiTag products come in compact boxes and spools, designed to reduce storage space. Each product box and spool is clearly labeled to ensure ease of use.